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20 Easy Ways To Make Money Online By Selling ebooks, And Videos 2017

20 Easy Ways To Make Money Online By Selling ebooks, Photos And Videos 2017

Ebooks are, well, books. But in a format where they can be delivered or downloaded best ways to make money online. You can write them yourself, employ writers, use public domain content, and create your ebooks from many sources. And just about any subject can be covered — just as many, if not more, than what a traditional publisher might release because you can tailor your tomes to niche markets.

Travel guides, how-to manuals, mystery, romance, science fiction, self-help, technology, religions… just about any subject is fair game as long as there is a market of ready buyers. (One of the best ways to check for is to scan the bestseller lists on Amazon. And not just the overall list but also the ones for categories and subcategories.)


Making Money By Selling Books Online

1) Bookbaby.com

A stage to selling of  e-books on the internet, You can also use their countless tools to make a cover to your your e-book and make it a textbook e-one which can be sold online simply.

2) Flickrocket.com

This website gives you a chance to create your own e-book shop online and sell your e-books to the worldwide customers.

3) Payhip.com

Start selling to your e-books by uploading them to payhip.com which is a very nice stag for sells e-books, payment is paying through Paypal.

4) Secure-ebook.com

A complete solution for selling e-books online, it can help you in marketing and selling your e-books online with ease, this is just another way to make money online.

If you don’t have an Adsense account then you can make money online by sharing your articles, videos, photos and content by using below websites, they will share revenue with you which comes from the Google ads they display on their websites. They are called revenue sharing websites.


Make Money By Selling Videos

5)YouTube.com–               you can sell your videos on YouTube with paid subscription.

6)Vimeo.com–                       you can sell your videos on Vimeo by making them protected.

7)Dailymotion.com–            you are be able to selling your videos by production them rewarded.

8)Associatedcontent.com–  Make money by uploading videos, photos & music.

9)ClipCanvas.com–                    A website for selling photos, videos etc.

10)Metacafe.com–                      The largest video sharing site for making money with your videos.

Make Money by Selling Photos

11)Istockphoto.com–         Upload your original photos and start making money.

12)Shutterstock.com–       The best place to sell photos online.

13)123rf.com-                            You get 50% revenue on each photo sold.

14)Bigstockphoto.com–         you get $1 on average for every photo sold on this website.

15)Crestock.com–                       30% is paid to you for every photo sold through this website.

16)Dreamstime.com–                  80% of the revenue is given to you for each photo sold.

17)Fotolia.com–                            50% money is given to you when some download your photo.

18)Photostockplus.com–          Sell your photos and get 50% revenue.

19)Shutterpoint.com–                Grow your 85% money for both photo sold.

20)Stockexpert.com–                  50% is shared with when a photo is sold.

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