The difference between obama and trump
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The Differences Between Barack Obama and Donald Trump 2017?

The Differences Between Barack Obama and Donald  Trump?

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  • Barack Obama is a  democrat and Donald Trump is understood to be a republican.
  •  Obama is a lawyer and Trump is a business man.
  • Obama supports social welfare programs and Trump appears to be favoring a reduction in social benefit programs .
  • Obama required out international supports for items like worldwide warming, Israeli-mid eastern nations relationships, Donald Trump looks to be supporting Israel solely and doesn’t believe in climate change.

The Main Difference Between Barack Obama and Donald  Trump?

donald trump

  1. Obama is an African american, Trump is a Scottish German american.
  2. Obama supports race and gender equality, Trump has a history of racist remarks and sexist behavior.
  3.  Barack Obama has a compassionate policy on illegal migration,Donald Trump wants a solid line policy on illegal settlers and wants to shape a giant wall on the Mexican border.

Barack Obama and Donald  Trump

  • Barack Obama wanted a modest laisse faire attitude with business,
  • Donald Trump wants to greatly reduce corporate and capital gain taxes, as well as reduce government supervision and environmental laws.
  • Barack Obama required to providing health insurance for all American citizens,  Donald Trumps wants a isolated market for all people to choose and paying for their own insurance needs.
  • Obama has some government experience before becoming president,Trump has zero experience.
  • Barack Obama is a normal lead with dream and honesty who working his way up from modest beginnings to become the President of America and did so free from the stench of corruption or scandal and with a history of serving his country.

Donald Trump is the advantaged son of a millionaire who has anything handed to him on a bowl and achieved to become President notwithstanding having the wrong temperament,

a background full of scandal and controversy and no tangible policy platform.

That’s all I’ve got for now. Hopefully four years from now I can also add the fact that one was a two term President and the other wasn’t to the list.

You will see, Trump is every bit as much ‘establishment’ and corporate controlled as Obama has turned out to be.

Notice the walk back of many of his campaign promises already? And I am definite no coincidence in it trendy right after his meeting with Barack Obama a scarce days ago?


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